A foster kid is home!

An FB group had this message requesting someone to foster this 3 – 4 month old puppy.  I don’t normally volunteer – have enough on my plate most days.  This time around, the puppy had been in an accident and had lost a leg.  She needed some medical care, some vet visits, love, affection, movement. … Continue reading


So hobbling along, we sat down to plan our week.  Curricular – I use the school’s portions and book recos, so that I can also get copies of the question papers from kids around and check our preparedness. Day one was a bit challenging.  When it is a larger break, Son seems to take some … Continue reading

Of safety and hospitals

So Son flouted safety rules.  As is his wont.  Stupid?  Yep.  This time, it landed him a nail in the foot – literal stuff, no energy to be figurative here! So he was patched up and sent over.  I am frantically helping Daughter with science – test today.  Pal and husband came back from his … Continue reading

Of subjects

So Son and I are discussing NIOS – open schooling.  India’s NIOS is the world’s largest open schooling system – pretty cool, given that Grade 10 and Grade 12 exams give parity to students.  It is based on the NCERT framework, on level with CBSE on several levels…nothing to scoff at.  There are practical exams … Continue reading

Honesty about the ups. And downs too?

So I want this blog to reflect reality representatively.  Everything that happens isn’t on the blog.  But a lot is.  That lot is mostly the positive.  That is easy to put out, easy to celebrate.  The downs now?  I have to think about that, see whose privacy it hits, whether it is useful to anyone … Continue reading

More learning

I am frantically learning, it feels like.  Frantic to make up for the many days before when I acted without conscious thought..what is that consciously frantic?!  Nowadays I try to be conscious of how I act, even when it isn’t the way it could be!😀 Why, how?  Well, a few references have happened to me … Continue reading