Of books and shoots

There is a dendrobium (kind of orchid) that I got two and a half years ago at a Lal Bagh show.  It is supposed to be the easiest one to grow.  This is third in line of other ‘easy’ orchids.  You guessed it, the others went to an early grave.

So it came nice and healthy.  And I got it to a state where it had no leaves, just sticks with some food in them, hoping there would be some leaves, forget blooms!  And then it got one stalk of leaves.  Exultation, celebration in Sangi’s crazy garden world.  Then got a bit overconfident.  So of course, tried to make it more ‘healthy’ with sun outside.  Except, err…forgot to bring it in at the right time one day.  This plant is hardy – that we can attest to.

So ants got to its roots (which by the way were a big reason we were seeing no progress – roots weren’t growing nice and fresh), it turned a few colours, the last of which was a kind of pinkish tinge to leaves that are supposed to be..you guessed it…a shade of green.

Then we got smart.  Went to someone who knows her orchids and is pretty patient in diagnosing the problem, even supplying orchid food – home delivery, with instructions! Yeah, see – when there’s a problem, there are always people put in your way to help out!😀

So some diligent following of instructions and voila!  Some snaky, thick white roots and miracle of miracles, a perfect tiny little green shoot.

YAY!  It made my morning.  Like everything else, hard work and some application of knowledge works out.  That it isn’t easy getting here is the most fulfilling part of the journey!  Party with us?😀

Two book recos:  Over the weekend, went gift shopping for another bookworm who just turned 9.  Fell in love and bought for the kids as well.  If there’s a reason there is no college fund, this is it.  But with all those books, they’re getting a bit of college already?  No, no, just consoling myself.  Check out these two books.

Got this one for the kids and am drooling over the one we gave – there’s this series that we shall have at home to dip into as and when we need/want to.  Yeah, husband better hit some lotteries soon! ;-D

Introduced by Fabien Cousteau, Jacques Cousteau’s aura is such that there’s ‘brand loyalty’ from his work.  Fabien is Jacques Cousteau’s grandson who developed a design for a submarine from childhood memories of a Tintin cover (Red Rackham’s Treasure)!  Not to put down any of his work on sharks and other aquatic high jinks!  The WONDER of books!  Highly recommended.  Will also help in school projects.  Absolutely worth it.

Have a wonderful week, you all!

8 thoughts on “Of books and shoots

  1. Now I know where to go when I need book recos for my kids.🙂🙂🙂

    The books sound lovely!

    Congrats on the orchid shoots. I know they can be quite difficult to grow. The hubby manages the one at our place, with his wonderful green fingers. Now, our orchid is flowering beautifully.
    It is a unique plant, no? We were instructed to keep it in between pieces of tiles and sawdust. No earth required for it. And it stays fresh even without water and sunlight for about a week to 10 days.

    • You can say unique again! I use coconut, charcoal and brick pieces. Hearing a lot of different view points on the watering – apparently it differs for every plant, every sub-species, every location AND every season! Flowering orchids are pretty awesome and worth all this work!

  2. heh heh.. so you’re becoming the Orchid expert🙂 Waiting to see some home-grown blooms soon. I’m still hoping and watching my Dendrobiums. But noticed a stalk appearing on an Oncidium and pretty thrilled about that.
    Those book look and sound great. Specially like the way the cover of the Ocean. Awesome!

  3. Look awesome those books (DK and Usborne can never go wrong eh?!), not to mention the shoot.

    This post title reminds me of the Lynn Truss’ book called Eats Shoots and Leaves. What a difference a comma can make – Eats, Shoots and Leaves.
    There is a lovely kiddie version of the book too – can be checked out at yours truly’s place.

    So if you had omitted ‘Of’ in the title – you might have booked tickets to Kahaani and then gone off to take some pix or some such – see what I mean?!

    Okay I’ll stop blabbering. But do tell how the movie was – no spoilers though okay?

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