9 years!

And so it happened.  Daughter’s nine.  How did this happen?!  Tiny scrap is now a self possessed young girl who knows her mind and now also tells you what’s on it. She clearly told me what she wanted, who was to be invited, brought me phone numbers of those mothers I didn’t know, woke up in excitement at 6 am (this is the sleeper-in who has to shaken awake!), put the idli batter on the baby idli plates again and again, cleaned up her room, decorated stuff, put return gifts together (even told me where to go to buy them and worked within the budget!)….she’s 9 only?😀

I can see some of the innocence going but still in dealable doses.  I think the next year should see a lot of it, our kids grow up way too fast.  The less said about peer pressure, the better.  It all worked great for us this time.  Even some alleged tough cookies were completely fine, we had some boys, there was no tolerance for boys versus girls type games (though a boy tried to get around that! :-D), there was some age variation with some kids younger than her (she’s always been good with younger kids, one time she went back to her nursery classroom, a host of kutti kids followed her like she was the Pied Piper!)….10 girls, 3 boys, two parents (us!), kids from other schools were included, some kids came and just stayed past dinner.  It was fun.

We tracked Ami’s walk, everyone pored over the route map and all, husband organized a treasure hunt (spent an hour or two making up a big story for his daughter – it had a plot, characters, characters with idiosyncrasies, humour and what not! :-D), we had lunch in a nice ‘picnic’ on sheets on the floor and they then just hung out.

The day ended after dinner with some parents, these kids were on the move from 6 am to midnight!  I went on to stay up tracking psycho sister walking up a storm….these birthday party things aren’t so bad after all.  Menu was mostly devoured, going to show kids don’t really care for hi-fi all the time.  No one asked for cola or junk, they asked for seconds of Bhindi raitha!  A lot of them gave games or books.  I like her crowd of friends.  Cute kids, similar home values.  Husband and I even had time to hang out when the kids took care of organizing for themselves!  Nice!

We went to the book store to redeem some gift coupons, a tester trip because the kids couldn’t decide which books to get.  Son was loudly asking if there’s a kinect there for Rs. 650. :-D  The cricket bat at Rs. 349 was researched as much as a fractured hand would allow.  Prayers were sent up like ‘please God, let it be only 50 rupees!’😀

A protracted trip to the big Crossword on Residency Road and our favourite Blossom Book Store is pending.

Starting to prepare for July already, when son turns 8.  That’s a (foot)ball game that needs organizing or else! There will be junk required (by son, under the guise of his friends who HAVE to have it, most of whose mothers fight the same battles with junk that we do!), a lot of negotiation, non-veg is non-negotiable.  A whole different scenario that is equally fun.

We’re back to waiting for the holidays mode – a couple more days of school await and we’re crawling towards the finish.  Every day, we wake up just that 5 mins later, get just that bit less organized with uniforms…..it’s time and I think everyone is ready for the holidays.

Happy Almost-Holidays from us! Yeah, yeah, we know everyone else is already on vacation.  Yeah, yeah, we’ll get there very soon too!

21 thoughts on “9 years!

  1. No….our school year just started :)) and I am jumping with joy!!! :))
    Happy bday once again to daughter….aahh..the bday sounds like super fun! Congrats to your sis too – read your other post but did not comment – just plain awesome. No other words.

    • Am sure I will be there in a month or so. Normally, 10 days before school is set to start, we are all ready for it to be school time! This year, I shall be studying/working too, so it will be bittersweet.

  2. Did you know ur comments section does not allow me to straightaway comment from my blogger account? It give me the option of switching to a non-wordpress/non-fb/non-twitter account only after I log in to my wordpress id. Then I can change. Weird. never had this problem earlier.

    • You know, something’s changed in WordPress recently. I lost so many comments because I wasn’t logged in. Now they’ve got better – give you the option of logging in. I haven’t changed anything here but shall check settings to see if there’s a default thing I can fix.

  3. lovely lovely lovely…what a super birthday party:)

    glad the kids enjoyed and you got time to yourself too..super na…

    LOL on let it be 50 Rs please..he sounds so much like me:)

    and of course super proud of your sis:)

  4. That sounds like a fun birthday party with girls who knew what they wanted to do – daughter and her friends. Trip to a book store on the birthday sounds good. And the son still wants the bat for 50rs eh?😀 All set to play already?

    Wishing the Daughter a very merry happy birthday and a wonderful year ahead – with holidays and activities and all…

  5. my daughter turns 9 tomorrow!
    crossword residency road is CLOSED.
    theres a lovely place for football game bday party – xlrt – google it and check it out.

    • Shall check the place out, thanks! Son’s birthday is definitely not at home this year.😀

      Happy birthday to your daughter! Do keep me in the loop on how it goes – mine seems to have developed an attitude very quickly.:-)

      No way! Such a huge place, what, why, how?!

      • about ‘attitude’ ‘tween’ etc – all of last year we called my daughter 8 going on 13 :)))
        our party has been put off until next week, it will be simple too (no idlis for us though!!!) will tell you how it goes.
        heres the link to xlr8 – a friend had a football party for her son there – they give you the space (an indoor stadium) and a coach to conduct the game for a couple of hours, you can take your own food and cake etc.

  6. The memory is still green – held that tiny rose on a rainy evening and was overwhelmed.Wanted to convey the news to appa and I could not talk – now she walks with me making sure that I do not trip in the steps !!!

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