A woman, parent and special educator in India.

I live with my two human brats, one puppy brat and the love of my life in Bangalore.

I began blogging in May 2008 and like to think of the blog as my gift to my kids.  I am sure I won’t remember in this detail later or have the time to share all this with them, even if I do manage to hold on to those memory cells.  I love to write and this is my outlet.

This is my forum for discussion and self-development. Do comment, critique and lurk as much as you like…I will like so long as language is decent and the point is made on content versus the person making up that content.

Hope your reading here is thought provoking at the very least.  Happy reading!

46 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for the comments on our blog, so nice to hear that your children are enjoying ‘The Mahabharatha’. We’d love to stay in touch with you so feel free to drop me a line on promotions [at] tarabooks.com

  2. How can I get in touch with you? I liked your post on Kauravas and wanted to use the list of names on my blog. I thought I should ask you first before doing it. I will give appropriate credit to you and your blog for the same.

    Let me know if it is ok.

    Dhakkanz (Mohit)

    • Hi, Mohit!

      Thanks. I got the list of names from indianhindunames.com, so not really something I figured out. You would want to link to them, I think? Welcome here!😀

  3. Hello, thanks for checking in!!! I’m ok. Exams only got done about 10 days ago, then I was whooping it up in Hyderabad and Bangalore🙂 Only got back to Delhi yesterday. So blog updates will start soon🙂 I’ve been missing reading my fav blogs too🙂

    • Thank you. Am adding more pictures from the gollu (dolls for Dassera) soon. I love this set up where you can load up pictures and have it refresh at random, don’t have to choose between pictures.

  4. Sorry, that was me earlier, just writing to say that I love your blog, the way you write, clarity of thoughts and all the info that goes in here. Thanks so much for all the useful pointers (such as kilo book storing) and keep up the good work.

    I recently finished reading Real Boys (William Pollack) a reco I picked from one of your posts and it made very relevant read. Thanks once again. Also Im glad to that you went back to your previous blog setting, felt quite lost with the new template actually.

    • Thanks a lot. It is nice to hear from you! So cool that you read Real Boys – what did you think? Am getting the blog template thing from everyone, I honestly didn’t think it made much of a difference to people and am deeply touched to hear that it is! Welcome here.

  5. Hi, Got to know about your blog from Sudattas Brochure. Nice blog. I am all what you have described about your self most importantly in love with myself. May I add your blog to my blog roll ?? have a look at mine when you have time.

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  7. Hi Sangitha, I would love to read your latest post. Can you please provide me with the password. I also wanted to speak with you on the work you are doing, some info on the course you followed, etc. You could write to me at *****. Thanks in advance, Vibha.

      • Thanks for your kind response. Happy to hear from you.

        This MOM’s Life

        The very precious gift for anyone is his / her mother. Motherhood is an amazing world to be explored always. I am a happy mother of 11 year old son Mitesh. Being a mother for 11 years, I thought of writing this article “This MOM’s Life” – An interview type sharing of happy experienced mothers. The first of its kind is here:


        I do welcome guest post in this title from my blog mother friends. So willing friends can mail your answers to my mail id : vivekvasantha@gmail.com.

        You can answer 10 questions and mail it to me. Your photo with your kid is optional. Also plz give your Name, Blog address, No. of kids & Age, Profession/Qualification, Your Interests Etc.,

        After reviewing your answers, I will post your guest article in my Blog. Thanks in advance.
        Happy Motherhood ; Happy Lifetime

        Expecting your kind reply.

  8. Hi Sangitha,

    Nice to come across your blog. An article on 50 Books to read to children got me here. I work in school education and work for Parag, an initiative of the Tata Trusts to promote reading particularly Indian Children’s literature. Wanted to speak to you in the same regard. Is there a way to drop an email? You can drop me the details at xxxx.


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