Book Reviews

A list of my reviews of books, no categories though….adult, children all commingled.  Just like my book shelf and my life!😀

Would you like some bread with that book? – Veena Venugopal

Seven Secrets of Shiva – Devdutt Patnaik

Puffin History of India for Children – Roshen Dalal

Karadi Tales and …

Beverly Cleary – Or how a hungry flea caused a lovable mutt’s adventures

Michael Morpurgo it was!

A story of friendship –  Of Asterix and Obelix and their creators

Where there is space – Nehru’s Letters from a Father to his Daughter

300 and a review – Real Boys by William Pollack

The Family of Adoption by Pavao

The Meanest Things to Say – Bill Cosby

More Reading to the Kids – The Mahabharatha by Samhita Arni


Post no. 1: And it’s over today

Post no. 2: Who’s the good guy here?

Living out loud – Anna Quindlen

The Birds and the Bees

A Nobel Peace Prize Winner for sure – Three Cups of Tea


May this page grow nice and long because that would mean more books read.

2 thoughts on “Book Reviews

  1. am a Book-o-holic! Sharing some of the books that inspire me. Jodi picoult ‘s Change of heart and nineteen minutes,The silent war by victor pemberton,The help, The horse whisperer, Memoirs of Geisha, Khaled Hosseini books, the confession…listing out a few!
    As I look closer I can see there are other few common grounds, am passionate about animals, gardening,movies too and have been thinking of adopting a kid though not sure how close to that I might actually come!

    • Like the dilemmas that Jodi Piccoult presents, there was one on adoption that had me arguing both sides! Loved Hosseini too. The Kiterunner was one of those books I had to put down but couldn’t allow to rest…major love-hate and intense emotion.

      You’ll hear enough about animals, gardening and adoption on these pages…enough to make you want to or say ‘never ever’!😀

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